The Sun (2016)Some sort of special dry cement mix? Times, Sunday Times (2008)That mix could come in handy in his new role. Times, Sunday Times (2006)Who would need to mix liquids then? Times, Sunday Times (2006)There are so many different qualities but mixed together we make a very strong team. The Sun (2009)You can find a new home you really love or a family you can join as planets of harmony and independence make a magical mix.

The problem strikes hard during the extended holiday season. One predicament in listening to these substitutes (for the senior pastor) is that these alternate preachers bore Christians with God word. Howard Hendricks makes a habit of saying, you are going to bore people, don bore them with the Gospel.

Perhaps you put it there to incriminate him, then killed him and faked the death to look like suicide. Forsythe, Malcolm THE BOOK LADY (2004)By the time we’re finished asking her questions, she will incriminate everyone she has ever known, sweetheart. Barbara Erskine HIDING FROM THE LIGHT (2004)Hazel sat with her lips clamped together, lest a stray word escape and incriminate her.

Times, Sunday Times (2015)They made her bite so hard on a steel donkey bit that she bled from the gums. The Sun (2015)It blamed the slump in the steel industry. Times, Sunday Times (2009)In captivity they run into a wall of concrete and steel. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Can you see an alternative to the ruffing heart finesse? Times, Sunday Times (2013) West refused to ruff any of these but it did him no good. Times, Sunday Times (2015)You lead to the ace, and ruff the second round. Times, Sunday Times (2006)West won and played a heart, ruffed in the dummy.

Times, Sunday Times (2014) Crack one of the eggs into a cup and pour into one of the gaps. The Sun (2016)And again that conceptual cracking of glass. Travers, P L What the Bee Knows reflections on myth, symbol and story (1989)Are you being honest about cracks beginning to show? The Sun (2011)I watched some of the rest of the ceremony through a crack in a curtain and I loved it.

There is a real danger that the grammar proposals would simply undermine them instead. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The great danger is that this combination of complacency and recklessness will provoke an accidental conflict. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The biggest danger for us is us.

Sidney Sheldon The Other Side of MeIt increases the toxic load that the body has to deal with. The Sun (2008)We use technology to load the dice in our favour. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Pity the poor orchestra having to play second fiddle to that load of rubbish.