What is heresy? Gillian Evans in her examination of the history of heresy, based on the Greek word, heresies, stated that it had three main senses, but the latter is what applied to the early days of Christianity. It ‘began to be used for a “false teaching” which purported to be true faith for Christians. Therein lay its danger, for it could mislead the faithful’ (Evans 2003:66)..

Ancora a Pontedera, rimarrete senza parole di fronte alla Bottega delle Paglie, che tutti soprannominano il paese dei balocchi. Apri la porta e vieni travolto da un mondo incantato, pieno di folletti, lucine colorate, soprammobili appoggiati in ogni dove e oggettini appesi ovunque. Un corridoio strettissimo animato dalla presenza di folletti e animaletti che scaldano l’ambiente.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)He is a superstar with a priceless ability to make people feel comfortable around him. Times, Sunday Times (2007)The transfer of control to the patient also provides the priceless gift of independence. Times, Sunday Times (2015)His two goals delivered three priceless points.

But, for every happy moment, there comes the inevitability of a sad one. February’s Champions League humiliation at the hands of Bayern Munich was described as ‘one of the darkest hours’ of Ozil’s career to date. His own performance was brought into question by various journalists and pundits, who claimed he ‘didn’t run enough’ and criticised the former Real Madrid man’s ‘negative’ body language.

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Times, Sunday Times (2006)That would make them think twice about parking illegally. The Sun (2008)What makes him think they would let him in? The Sun (2010)He thought of something and decided not to say it. Oxenhorn, Harvey Tuning the Rig: A Journey to the Arctic (1990)They think the only way to play badly is to provoke you.