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Shubert, Adrian A Social History of Modern Spain (1991)These were caused by the raising of prices without comparable wage increases. Thackrah, J. R. Times, Sunday Times (2008)If the triple lock were dropped, it would be the poor taking the financial burden. Times, Sunday Times (2016)The performances in the World Cup were poor. The Sun (2007)For some Hollywood celebrities, a good cause in a poor country is practically part of the job description.

Clubs need to see that supporters are growing, and the culture is still there, but the club management has to move with the times and evolve. Every aspect of Indian football is growing financially, marketwise. Simple example: one club [BFC] is evolving in all aspects they are winning matches, they have got a perfect system but you are stuck in a time warp where you still don’t your own infrastructure in Kolkata.”.

Times, Sunday Times (2017)It is just so difficult to deal with this situation. The Sun (2016)It is very difficult to get in the first team. The Sun (2016)He said it had been a difficult first quarter but there had been some improvement in the second three months in its stores and online.

920KbAbstractOver the last sixty years, Foreign Aid has been considered the most effective strategy in alleviating poverty in the Least Developed Countries (LDC). In this timeframe, delivery channels, modality and aid strategies have evolved, under guidelines given by major international institutions: United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank. The poorest part of the world suffers from hardships and is lagging behind in wealth and living conditions, raising questions about the real utility of foreign aid.

On a clear morning in Bondapara village, around 150 boys and 24 girls have finished their morning football training at the Kamrupa Football Coaching Centre (KFCC). It’s the formal name for former policeman Ranjit Das’s project housed in the Bondapara Mini Stadium, 80 odd kms west of Guwahati. It began in 2000, at the height of the Bodo movement.