Helens Vietnam Band ed un esperimento sonoro quantomeno curioso. Paragonati in patria ai Wolf Parade, giunti a questo omonimo esordio sulla lunga distanza dopo un EP prodotto da Scott Colburn (Animal Collective, Arcade Fire), si presentano con una fisionomia ed un suono tra i pi bislacchi del momento. Per dare un dir soltanto che il batterista un ragazzino tredicenne di colore adottato dal cantante e da sua moglie.

Times, Sunday Times (2006)The dollar has had a huge turn round recently. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Those two famous closing rounds were wholly different in kind. Times, Sunday Times (2013)An appeal for paint was signalled round the task group. The Sun (2015)Using such foods they could eat fewer portions but get the same benefit. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Other studies have shown that eating in front of a mirror makes junk food taste less appealing. The Sun (2016)Sources close to the star say he now struggles to eat solid foods.

Dalle note di Joe Heaney [1919 1984] in All Ye Gallant Irishmen (Philo 2004, 1963) leggiamo learned this plaintive ballad from his father or 50 years ago The of bawn may refer to the white rocks of western Ireland [bawn=ban (Gaelic for white)] where Catholic landowners and farmers, dispossessed of their fertile farm lands in Meath by Oliver Cromwell in the seventeenth century, were forced to settle and where they have since managed, at best, a bleak existence from the rocks and the sea of the scraggy west coastal lands. To the hard pressed, tired and bitter hired farm servant of the ballad, the British army presents itself as a reasonable escape from the near impossibility to the rocks of bawn. Rende necessaria però una precisazione: il trasferimento forzoso degli irlandesi ribelli dopo la confisca delle loro terre riguardava essenzialmente la gentry, alla quale venne assegnata un terra nel Connacht dopo la di Cromwell (ovviamente accompagnata dai loro e dai fittavoli che avessero voluto seguirli).

Anyone who mocks her will face the wrath of my feather duster. Christianity Today (2000)But was it a sign of divine wrath? Times, Sunday Times (2013)MPs also tend to feel the full wrath because it is felt they should set an example. Times, Sunday Times (2006)That will include suffering the wrath of fans.

Of course, that is not how they say it. When an eloquent man in a nice suit say “illegals devalue the wages of American citizens” even I hate myself. How can I not believe an eloquent man in TV? Economist Borges estimated that immigrants reduced the wages of citizens at about 5%.