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Nel corso di un’intervista, lo scrittore peruviano si è sorpreso che non esista in nessuna lingua del mondo una traduzione soddisfacente di Nia Mala, nel senso in cui viene chiamata fin dal titolo originale. In effetti non esiste magari la traduzione letterale: ma l’archetipo è ben noto a tutte le latitudini, e in certi ambiti gergali e maschilisti esiste una discreta approssimazione di significato. Senza dover ricorrere al più sbrigativo epiteto di Stronza, che pure non difetta di una sua efficacia, esiste pur sempre il termine profumiera..

In contrast, recent research on St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) suggests equally good results with potentially fewer side effects, compared to tricyclic anti depressants. An analysis of 23 randomised clinical trials on St John’s Wort, involving 1,500 people in total, showed a significant response compared to placebo with minimal side effects. St John’s Won at a dose of 300mg (0.3% hypericin), three times a day appears to help those with mild depression and twice this amount may help those who suffer severely.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)Where would you get to do those things in civilian life and get paid to do them? The Sun (2015)They are attacking civilian people without any reason. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Dozens of civilians died in the blast he triggered at a jail this year. The Sun (2014)Now that elemental bond between soldier and civilian is under chronic strain.

The lemon juice served to curdle the milk so that it would form a cream on the surface, over time the recipe has become more solid, ie a cream with the whipped cream flavored with liqueur or sweet wine (see recipes)Philip Mercier (1680 1760) The Sense of Taste:in the background a tray full of syllabus glasses3) the reference to the dew is not accidental, the tradition of May provides a bath in the dew and in the wild waters full of rain. It was used by Vaughan Williams as the tune for No. 638 of the English Hymnal, but he gave it the name of “Southill” because it was sent to him by a Southill man.

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