Corporate capitalism and must meet its needs. As far back a Rutherford B. Hayes, US presidents have openly observed that ours is a government by, for and about corporations. So, I can explain no further. I have never been to the afterlife. Thus, I cannot say what it is, where it is, what it is like, or furnish any other detail.[3].

Times, Sunday Times (2014)Why are more male than female doctors referred for poor performance? Times, Sunday Times (2006)My doctor referred me to a consultant for implants because my lack of chest affected my selfesteem. The Sun (2013)Ask your doctor to refer you to a specialist. The Sun (2014)Until the eighteenth century it was correct to say “you was “if you were referring to one person.

Who knew bull terriers could be so fabulous? Times, Sunday Times (2016)But the bulls say that conventional measures are daft in this era of breathtakingly low bond yields. Times, Sunday Times (2017)THIS big bull refused to lie down after he had been darted with a tranquilliser and continued to shuffle for a while. The Sun (2016)Is this a signal that the bull run is over? Times, Sunday Times (2014)Their leader tested the temperature with his foot and concluded that a big bull was nearby.

The official press and media reviews of the book itself were very positive. But here’s the thing, the books ends with the line “It’s a book, jackass.” Okay, I get the joke in that the donkey clearly is being a fool in not understanding what a book is and the monkey is clearly tired of explaining it and yes, we all know that jackass is both another word for a donkey and a expression for a dummy, so it’s allowed to be in a picture book. Right? I don’t know.

Però anche guardando le cose dal punto di vista di una persona che deve fare questi calcoli ogni giorno, viene veramente da capire perchè anche per le persone oneste e in buona fede, spesso fare le cose onestamente sembra quasi impossibile. Poi uno lo fa perchè ci crede e perchè sa di non avere altra scelta. Ma a volte gli sembra pure di essere uno sprovveduto..

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