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3: 14) to the final revelation made to St. John in the Apocalypse as that which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty (Rev. 1: 8), this name not only declares the Aseity or Self sufficiency but the Eternity of God’ (Wiley 1940:335)..

Ha molti significati. Quanto il mondo è aggrovigliato, quanto è tossico. Ma parla anche della mia lunga storia d’amore con la plastica, un amore problematico. Reach out to leaders with a strong following on social media or in a newsletter. Even if they’re not able to attend the screening, they may help spread the word by sharing a blurb.Plan an expert led discussion after the film. This may include people who stand on different sides of an issue who can engage in a compelling debate.Be consistent.

Il ne s’agit pas deperdre tout esprit critique et devoir de révolte face à l’inacceptable, mais Il faut y déceler les vraies causes du mal et lutter contre ses racines. Elles résident toutes dans la dualité de nosconsciences. Les dépasser intérieurement et individuellement c’est se donner la possibilité de les résoudre à un niveau collectif et supérieur..

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