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The Luoxiang factory covers an area of about 160000 square meters in total, which includes over 150000 square meters advanced workshop and 3000square meters office area.Luoxiang has a strong team of more than 2000 talented staff, in which over 40% are professional technology and management. Shandong Luoxiang Automobile Manufacturing Co. Ltd, with series of industry leading automatic production equipment, the first full range of semi trailer standardized robot production line, the first electrophoresis coating line, will make comprehensive breakthroughs in welding, cutting, spraying, testing.LUOXIANG has a series of industry leading automatic production equipments, IGM high precision laser cutting machine and the first standardized automatic production line for sidewall semi trailers and skeleton semi trailers in the domestic market.Automatic plate welding: this technology has excellent performance in angle welding, joint welding, wave angle welding, etc.Automatic accessories welding:this technology is for advanced accessories assembling welding by special industrial welding robot with three axle double positioning machine.Automatic frame welding: The first fully automatic low chassis parts welding production line for semi trailer and skeleton semi trailer in Chinese market, adopts four welding machine at the same time, which has great help to achieve uniform and even welding, reduce the welding stress and increase the trailer loading usage timeAutomatic tractor plate welding: the first automatic tractor plate welding line in Chinese market with laser positioning and wire sensing function, can automatically identify the weld offset, and track welding though the arc so as to guarantee the welding performance.Large scale laser cutting machine: it is the main equipment to deal with crossbeam with IGM laser cutting machine, and this cutting machine is mainly used for trailer crossbeam blanking.Laser tube cutting equipment: those laser cutting equipments are mainly used for material cutting, such as panels.Laser cutting machine for small parts: those cutting equipments are for small parts cutting.Shot blasting machine: this is to clean or reinforce the parts surface by high speed pill shot.Automatic CNC pressure plate machineHigh precision axle assembly: LUOXIANG now adopts the positioning tools on both sides to make sure the assembly convenient and efficient.