It was agony not being able to understand his reasons forgiving me the cold shoulder. The Sun (2016)Whether people will forgive him, that’s not up to me. The Sun (2016)Tell your husband he can’t expect you to forgive and forget, but you are willing to try hard.

The Sun (2015)I used to take the insect and reptile house all the time. The Sun (2006)Eight per cent of its birds and 90 per cent of its mammals and reptiles are unique to the islands. Times, Sunday Times (2015)People can tame all kinds of animals and birds and reptiles and fish, but no one can tame the tongue.

Christianity Today (2000)Luck is linked to unexpected sports news. The Sun (2013)What is your priority when you are trying to administer a bit of sport? Times, Sunday Times (2010)Luck connects you to a friend who knows a lot about sport. The Sun (2009)We all know that we watch sport for fun.

The beautiful watercolors are dreamy. One thing I particularly like about the book is the characters: a cat and bear, both of indeterminate gender. It could be a mother and son, father and daughter, aunt and niece, etc. The Sun (2014)Waiting times for all kinds of health needs are going up. The Sun (2016)The hotel is still for its booze licence. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Wait a few minutes before eating as the marshmallows will be hot.

C’è una Milano ubriaca di gioia che sta impazzendo, fra Corso Buenos Aires bloccata dalla folla e il sagrato del Duomo, dove ci si prepara a una notte indimenticabile. La Milano compassata, abituata da vent’anni a perdere, ha trattenuto il fiato fino all’annuncio della sicurezza. Milano culla del berlusconismo, via, acqua passata.

Applied to neuroscience, the QZE states that the mental act of focusing attention stabilizes the associated brain circuits. Concentrating attention on your mental experience, whether a thought, an insight, a picture in your mind’s eye, or a fear, maintains the brain state arising in association with that experience. Over time, paying enough attention to any specific brain connection keeps the relevant circuitry open and dynamically alive.

Continuando, a proposito dell’evoluzione del ruolo contemporaneo dell’antropologia: “Oggi nessun antropologo oserebbe obiettare il fatto che un’antropologia o autorappresentata (in cui l’antropologia visuale ha avuto grande rilevanza) siano divenuti dei capisaldi per tutti. Antropologia urbana e post colonialismo hanno da tempo fatto irruzione nella disciplina antropologica generale. Cosi come l visuale in genere ha contribuito a un fondamentale ampliamento delle metodologie rappresentative.