I have to agree with Ralph Nader’s appeal to the silent majority of American citizens from all over the political spectrum; “When are you going to get indignant and do something ?”. Our founding fathers must have had a lot of faith in the citizenry of their era, and their willingness to correct such problems in the voting booth, to constitutionally endow members of Congress with such power. Yet only one third of the population shows up on Election Day to make their concerns known.

The Sun (2016)And there is only one woman tough enough to make the GB team. The Sun (2016)That sort of takeover typically brings in a fresh management team. Charles A. Cerca un cinemaSerie antologica di documentari “investigativi”, Dirty Money è prodotta tra gli altri da Alex Gibney, che è anche autore in prima persona dell’episodio intitolato Hard Nox, dove rivela nuovi dettagli sullo scandalo che aveva investito Volkswagen nel 2015, quando erano state truccate le emissioni inquinanti di alcune vetture diesel. Queste auto apparivano a norma durante le fasi di controllo, ma in realtà inquinavano fino a quaranta volte oltre il limite consentito negli States in situazioni di guida reale. Il tutto per risparmiare su un pezzo del valore di circa cinquecento sterline..

I don know what was more hilarious, that or the toilet paper stacked in the closet. You can take your own roll with you to the bathroom! Or perhaps it was the fruit sticker plastered to the mirror (so much for maid service). Or the ancient radiator that made the place feel like the Sahara..

“I can understand that clubs want to have big profits and they want [their] share of those profits and frankly it’s still in the interest of football for them to do that,” he says. “Many people ask whether there is too much money in football and I always say ‘No, there isn’t enough.’ I want more, but distribution is the key. If we distribute it properly, then the money goes where it should be.”.

Un cinema indipendente, gratuito, europeo. Da questo desiderio è nato l’ArteKino Festival, pensato per gli spettatori di tutta Europa curiosi di scoprire le creazioni più originali dell’anno che spesso non riescono ad arrivare in sala. Lanciata lo scorso anno da Arte in associazione con la piattaforma Festival Scope, la rassegna sotto la guida di Olivier Père, direttore del cinema di Arte Francia, è online e accessibile da 45 Paesi europei dall’1 al 17 dicembre 2017.

In the end, there were a wide range of reasons for England’s defeat to Croatia: Gareth Southgate’s side not creating enough chances, inexplicably being outrun by a team who’d previously played two extra times, Luka Modric and Ivan Perisic. But in the first half, or at least for the first 20 minutes or so, they were well on top, and needed to score a second goal. Their best chance came when Harry Kane was put through, his first shot was saved but then somehow he hit the post from four yards out with the goal gaping although the second chance was later ruled offside.