Lay in the hammock, nap on the sofa, float in the pool, sit under a tree and see where your mind takes you. Maybe you’ll become inspired to make a painting of the shades of green you notice looking up into the leaves. Maybe your child will decide to create a fairy house beside the tree trunk.

We use a dynamical model of the ionized gas which is assumed to be onto infinitely thin, coplanar, and circular orbits in the potential dictated by the black hole and bulge stars. It produces unresolved gas velocity dispersion predictions that can be directly compared to measurements made by observing the width of the [NII]6583 spectral line. We obtain two estimates for the black hole mass 3.4106 M and 6.3105 M for two different gas disk inclinations of 33 and 81 respectively.

Per far parte del club bisogna versare una quota, ma una volta entrati si ha la possibilità di godere di incontri occasionali con altri soci, scelti secondo una tipologia ben delineata (bell’aspetto, età media, classe sociale elevata e, soprattutto, un’alta rendita annuale, sono tra le caratteristiche richieste), per evitare di perdere tempo in primi appuntamenti, cene romantiche e regali. I soci provengono quasi tutti dal mondo di Wall Street dove il lavoro conta più del privato e dove non esistono orari ma solo mercati. Lo sceneggiatore Mark Bomback (Godsend Il male è rinato, Die Hard Vivere o morire), dopo essersi imbattuto in un articolo sul New York Times che parlava dell’esclusivo club, ha dato vita alla storia di Sex List, thriller che vede esordire Marcel Langenegger alla regia cinematografica e Hugh Jackman alla produzione.

Goshgarian, Gary Exploring language (6th edn) (1995)And she loves to read magazines and gossip with her carers. The Sun (2012)This is not a book to read if you want to sleep easy. Times, Sunday Times (2016)You can read minds and understand what a partner wants from you.

Afraid to put into practice (2001)Perhaps the doctors could practise in the mornings and manage in the afternoons or vice versa? Times, Sunday Times (2007)The government wants to make junior doctors work more weekends for no more pay. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Doctors have a history of cruelty towards the fuller patient. Times, Sunday Times (2011)Western doctors have also lobbied for prices to be brought down.

Così scrive Mike Yates (in Hearted Fellows: Traditional Folk Songs, Music Hall Songs, and Tunes from Suffolk folklorist Roy Palmer has traced this song to The Man of War Garland, a chapbook that was printed in 1796 (Bodleian Library, Harding Chapbooks, A15, no.19). The song was titled Eggs and Bacon and tells of two sailors who steal a woman basket, thinking it to be full of eggs which they plan to have cooked in an alehouse. When a child is discovered in the basket they offer five hundred pounds to any woman who will foster the child.