3173KbAbstractThe volcanic activity of the Euganean Hills is part of the Tertiary Magmatic Province Veneta, and consists mainly in the issue of basic and acid products and over a period of time between the late Eocene and the Oligocene. The basic rocks are represented mainly by basalts. The geochemical study by X ray fluorescence conducted on samples of Monte Oliveto and Monte Lovertino showed a strong bimodal character between these: a general enrichment in alkali and incompatible elements for the Lovertino group and a decidedly more tholeiitic character for the Oliveto basalts.

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The tempo setter and midfield controller returned to his boyhood club from Villarreal earlier this summer and will be charged with filling the void left by Gabi’s departure. While he has big shoes to fill, 22 year old Rodri who has been likened to Sergio Busquets both physically given his gangly appearance and in terms of style of play is calm on the ball, reads play effortlessly and will be looking to catch Diego Simeone’s eye as the midfield lynchpin during this preseason. Joe Walker..

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